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KStrong. Unrivaled Safety.™

KStrong has been successfully manufacturing fall protection components and systems globally for over 20 years and is now poised to become the preeminent brand of choice in the USA!

Full Body Harnesses – Lanyards – Self-Retracting Lifelines – Connectors – Anchors – Confined Space Rescue Retrieval Equipment – Engineered Vertical and Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Fall protection products are lifesaving devices, and the mere procurement for your workforce does not guarantee complete safety. After making an investment in your fall protection equipment, it is critical that the end user is properly trained on its inspection and use, and is aware of the periodic maintenance process that requires that all personal protective equipment (PPE) be inspected in accordance to the requirements of employers, governmental codes and ANSI standards.

Chart a Course to Safety

Your Fall Protection Equipment Can Now Speak To You!

Introducing KStrong Compass™, the fall protection industry’s first “free at your fingertips” mobile application for fall protection equipment asset management. KStrong Compass™ is a cloud-based software app which relieves the user from a mountain of paper records. The unique AIR system (Automated Inspection Reminder system) reminds a user of a pending competent person inspection that is required to minimize accidents that may happen due to equipment that has not been properly inspected.

The KStrong Compass™ user management system allows equipment to be issued to individuals, thus ensuring accountability towards the upkeep of the equipment. The mobile app provides each user vital information on inspection and periodic maintenance needs and helps in increasing the life of the equipment. Using KStrong Compass™ is a wise decision to cut down costs on PPE.

Key Benefit for All Company Risk Management and Safety Directors

During the one-time registration process, your employees will be given the option of entering a second email address designated by you, their employer. That email address will then receive the same notifications anytime any of your employees register and/or inspect an item. Risk Management and Safety Directors can then access their Companywide KStrong Dashboard right on their phone or by computer to view the inspection status of all items registered to date in real time.

How to Identify a Product

Identifying a product through labels throughout its service life is difficult. The labels get damaged often making them difficult to read or become missing altogether over time. KStrong Compass™ has the unique ability to read QR codes, RFID tags, and can even directly scan product labels. Thus, identifying a product and its user is a click away.

What Does An End-User Need to Start Using KStrong Compass™?

If you have an IOS or ANDROID phone or device, that is all you need. Simply open the camera on your phone or device and scan the QR code, RFID tag, or Label included with every KStrong product, register when prompted, and you are now ready to see that products critical data including:

Date of Manufacture – Serial Number – Batch Number – Pre use inspection tips and actions steps – User Manual – Specification Sheet – Declaration of Conformity (DoC) – Date of last Competent Person inspection and future inspection reminder setting options – Product Pics, Videos, PowerPoints, and more

The Knowledge Tree

The KStrong Compass™ Knowledge Tree feature will assist you in choosing the proper fall protection most commonly used by specific industries.

If all of those benefits are not enough, features that are in development and coming soon include the KStrong Compass™ Work Permit System which will not only make work permits digital, but it will also capture images of the site, user and equipment as evidence of compliance. The KStrong Compass™ Work Permit System will take safety to yet another higher level.

KStrong Compass™ will continue to add on new innovations as we truly believe: “Technology Saves Precious Human Lives.”

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