Grace Industries WorkSite Confined Space Package
This package contains the Portable WorkSite Alarm. WorkSite Alarm is capable of monitoring all Grace WorkForce® devices. The Portable WorkSite Alarm allows you to monitor multiple users with a loud audible alarm 110 dBA SPL and flashing strobe light. WorkSite...
Grace Industries WorkForce Lone Worker Supervisor Monitor WF2, AC Rechargeable
DO YOU HAVE PEOPLE WORKING AT HEIGHT? DO YOU HAVE PEOPLE WORKING ALONE? Audible • Visual • Vibrate • Alerts WorkForce® are advanced safety devices used by lone workers providing fall detection and motion sensing as part of a man-down...
from $1,012.00
Grace Industries WorkForce Lone Worker Monitor WF1, AC Rechargeable
The WorkForce® product line uses an advanced gyro/accelerometer sensor to detect a worker’s fall from heights and automatically transmits a wireless emergency alert without any action required by the worker. WorkForce® transmits this wireless emergency signal that is received by others facilitating...
from $849.00
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