Sqwincher Qwik Stik ZERO
QwikStik® ZERO Qwik Stik® ZERO is a one-man hydration solution without the sugar or calories. Simply rip open a pack, pour into a bottle of water and let the hydration hit the spot. 20 oz. Yield (for more intense flavor,...
from $23.00
PYROWERKS Hi Vis FR Cooling Neck Shade, 13 cal/cm²
Defeats the heat with multi-action cooling. Step 1: Shades the neck and ears from the sun. Step 2: Creates a natural cooling sensation with FR Control™ proactive temperature regulation. Step 3: Wicks sweat and dries super-fast to create evaporative cooling....
Sword Performance SHIELD Zero Sugar Free Electrolyte Enhanced Powder Singles
ZERO Calories, Zero Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweeteners, Zero Compromises SHIELD® Zero is a full-flavored healthy hydration beverage with balanced electrolytes that hydrates better and faster than water. Light, refreshing flavors from real fruit with zero sugar, and zero artificial sweeteners. Some said “impossible”...
from $59.00
Global Glove & Safety FrogWear HV High Visibility Tapered Cooling Headband with Four-Way Stretch - Lime
This high-visibility tapered cooling headband is polyester/spandex microfiber. It has a four-way stretch and multiple wearing configurations: headband, hair tie, and wrist tie. This headband features UPF 30+ sun protection and evaporative cooling technology for an enhanced cooling experience and...
from $17.99
Hi Vis FR Full Brim Sun Shade, 8.9 cal/cm²
Wide brim style with coverage backside neck drape Designed for full brim hard hats and helmets FR Hook and Loop on sides to secure through the suspension system Loop in back for storing or hanging 6.5oz Westex DH CAT 2,...
Working Athlete Base Hydration
Not only did we strike the perfect balance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium to feed your body the right amount of the right electrolytes, we added zinc to support your body's absorption of water and vitamin-c to nourish your immune...
Global Glove & Safety GLO-H5 FrogWear® HV High Visibility Ranger/Safari Hat
Ranger/safari hat with sewn-on neck shade, high-visibility yellow/green solid polyester, black mesh on each side, two vented grommets on each side, adjustable drawstring head strap, adjustable drawstring for holding neck shade up. 50 hats per case. Each item is packaged...
from $14.50
Working Athlete Hydrate & Recover - Advanced Electrolyte Powder
THE POWER IS IN THE POWDER • Refreshing & Effective*• Combats Muscle Cramps*• Accelerated Recovery* Working Athlete Hydrate & Recover® is the foremost among the latest generation of sports drinks, incorporating all the current science related to rehydrating and refueling...
from $49.95
Pyramex RRH10 Cooling Ranger Hat (each)
Lightweight ranger style hat Rated UPF 50 + Hi-vis material for greater visibility Reflective piping and tape One size fits most
from $10.30
Lift Neck Gaiter (each) - Yellow
Lift Neck Gaiter (each) - Yellow
Made from breathable, moisture wicking and UV protective material, the Lift Safety neck gaiter is comfortable to wear in both warm and cold climates. Place the neck gaiter around over your mouth and nose and you can position it to be...
Ergodyne KREW’D™ 6351 SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion, 8oz
The KREW’D™ 6351 SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion (8oz bottle) provides safe and effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection against sunburn. It’s a water-resistant and sweat-resistant sunscreen for 80 minutes. This FDA approved sunscreen comes in a convenient 8oz squeeze bottle for handy, travel-ready...
from $16.59
Ergodyne Chill-Its® 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel - Blue
The Chill-Its 6602® Evaporative Cooling Towel uses a super evaporative PVA material to absorb water to then allow it to evaporate slowly for instant, long-lasting cooling relief. This super-evaporative PVA material is designed to create a feeling colder than ambient air...
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