RKI - A safe way to monitor gases in facilities

What's the advantage of having a fixed gas detector? Well, there are many advantages, including the automation of process controls, but one seems to stick out above all - you do not need a human present to monitor the atmosphere.

Fixed gas detection systems are mounted in place and meant to give you real-time readings of environments throughout facilities, even when no one is around. This is a big safety advantage for places like nitrogen rooms, chiller/boiler rooms, labs, HVAC systems, CO2 storage rooms for beverages, etc. A worker can know the atmosphere is safe before opening that door. Simply mount the monitor on the outside wall and the sensor, remotely, inside the area of concern.

Gas monitors can also help by automating some safety controls into these areas. If an alarm goes off, the controller can tell vents to open and fans to turn on, or to alarm if a process needs to be shut down. A fixed monitor can notify personnel of a leak in a natural gas pipeline or if oxygen is being displaced from certain areas.

RKI is creating a way for end-users to engineer in some safety controls throughout their facilities by providing both wired and wireless technology into their fixed gas monitors. Think about the entire process of your facility, can you identify anywhere there might be a potential hazard due to too many toxic or flammable gasses, or where there is a potential for oxygen to be displaced?

Call Safewerks today to find out what systems are available for your application. We work with  technical experts to find a solution that fits your needs.

Here's a potential list of common areas to consider:

CO - parking garages, vehicle service shops
LEL (combustibles) - CNG service garage, natural gas process areas
O2 - nitrogen rooms, oxygen cylinder storage rooms
CO2 - beverage and bottling areas
NH3 - cold storage facilities
CL2 - water treatment areas
H2S - well drilling equipment, wastewater

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